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Vol Au Dessus Dun Canapé - LExécuteur De Hong Kong - Simply The Best

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Label: Rodgers & Rodgers Entertainment - RR 001 • Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation • Country: France • Genre: Hip Hop •
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Sale Price realised EUR 37, Executed circa Ball, New York. Lucie Grandjean-Hessel, Paris acquis au cours de cette vente. Salomon et G. Cogeval, Vuillard, Le regard innombrable, Catalogue critique des peintures et pastelsParis,vol. III, p. Brettell, Ph. Ils y parvinrent pourtant pendant quarante ans. Lucy pose pour Vuillard et lui jette un regard un peu triste, sans esquisser le moindre sourire. Lucy, encore en robe de chambre, se tourne pour nous saluer, tandis que son ami Alfred Natanson, encore en pyjama semble-t-il, est assis sur le banc lui faisant face.

Jos, comme souvent dans les tableaux de Vuillard qui figurent le couple, est en retrait. Vuillard was the first to die inbut the older Lucy and Jos Hessel followed him in rapid succession, Lucy in and Jos the following year.

We see her seated and standing, eating, reading, chatting, walking, and even sleeping. She is so ubiquitous in his oeuvre that, when there is an unidentified woman in a work by Vuillard, it is Stargo - Live Is Life (Dance Version) often Mme. Now, in this precious cache of paintings, pastels, and drawings by Vuillard as well as works by the mutual friends of Vuillard and the Hessels, Pierre Bonnard, Maurice Denis, and Aristide Maillol, we can relive through art what Proust called le temps perdu.

Since there is little doubt that Vuillard is the pictorial equivalent of the considerably more famous author, this visual record is both precious and, due to its provenance, rare. The works presented here all descend directly from the Hessel family, and can, when seen together in this publication and at the sale, evoke a way of life and a circle of friends that exist only in art.

And, not only in art, but with art. This tally tells us two things — that Jos Hessel and his cousins, the Bernheim brothers, were art dealers who not only supported Vuillard and Bonnard the latter less sobut also placed works of art by them and other artists in hundreds of private collections in Paris and, through a network of other dealers, in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Russia, Denmark, and England.

Vuillard was not just producing art to represent visually his life and that of his friends and patrons, he was also producing it for a market controlled by Jos Hessel and his cousins. The second thing this tally tells us is that art was literally part of life for this network of dealer-collectors. It was not merely a way to park money, although many contemporaries claim that Jos Hessel thought about little else.

It was about friendship and life. The artists were personal friends of their dealers and patrons, and most of the works in this supremely familial group were not made on commission, but as a kind of voluntary documentation of life in pencil, pastel, oil, and tempera. Perhaps the most precious works in the collection are the portraits of Jos and Lucy. Vuillard shows him lot 6A in looking up from his paper, no doubt in the morning, and an empty coffee bowl and fruit sit casually on the table.

The painting has been used as evidence that Hessel owned the painting, but we must remember that he was an art dealer, and it is just as likely that he embellished his home with works from stock or the stock of other friendly dealers, waiting for a formal luncheon or a dinner party to seat his target in a chair facing the work Hessel desired to sell.

Bonnard does give us a picture frame, but no picture, and two bronzes that are Vol Au Dessus Dun Canapé - LExécuteur De Hong Kong - Simply The Best by Maillol. She is what Bonnard himself called " Une dame en rouge"less an individual than a type of young, beautiful woman. Her face is an almost ivory white and her hair dark brown, glossy, and fashionably arranged.

Her dress, equally fashionable, is a deep red, almost the color of blood, and her casual three-quarter pose suggested that she is simply seated rather than sitting for a portrait.

It is a prop acting as a compositional device, and Bonnard decides to fudge the remainder of the interior under a coat of thick gray paint that hides, but fails to obliterate, what had been the start of a more detailed rendering of the room.

She is lost in thought, and we have no idea Vol Au Dessus Dun Canapé - LExécuteur De Hong Kong - Simply The Best has caused this temporary state of mind.

Lucy sat for Vuillard, looking somewhat sadly into his eyes without even a hint of a smile, her husband ignoring her while seated in the distance on a sofa against the wall, probably reading. She wears a fashionable dress with a fussy black and white print, every detail of which Vuillard paints carefully.

Here Lucy was of course considerably older than when Bonnard painted her more than twenty years before. Take You To The Dance - Various - Strictly The Best, Vol.1 art on the walls is just distinct enough to be a game for an art historian, and one can identify a Bonnard triptych from the first decade of the 20th century above a floral still-life by Odilon Redon see p.

We see Jos and Lucy in the Salon in the early s lot 9Abut Vuillard allows himself into the room not only as its painter, but also through his art—the Portrait of Jos in the present sale dominates the room over the fireplace. In another lot 20ALucy interrupts her reading and hands a letter to her adopted daughter, Lulu. Surely it is from an admirer of the beautiful young woman to whom the unopened flowers resting on the table had been sent. Yet another painting represents a conversation after dinner at the Hessels apartment, in which the guests sit below a large painting by Bonnard flanked by two nudes, one by Bonnard above Lucy and one by Degas, now also in the Metropolitan Museum, above Jos.

We wonder what Vuillard is thinking? The longest concerted periods of togetherness for Lucy Hessel and Vuillard were the months of summer that Vuillard spent either staying with the Hessels in their large rented houses or in a small property rented for the painter and his mother nearby. These summers must have been wonderful trysts for the two aging lovers, because, in many cases, Jos often remained in the city during the week, taking the Vol Au Dessus Dun Canapé - LExécuteur De Hong Kong - Simply The Best or, later, driving out for the weekend.

These summer holidays produced literally hundreds Ne Oblasak Halim - Various - Romantic Collection - Turkish works by Vuillard, and they document a life that revolved around nature more than art, because the Hessels left their pictures and small sculptures in Paris.

After decades of renting, the Hessels bought the Chateau des Clayes in With its substantial rooms and large gardens, the Chateau was a summer home for Vuillard, who regularly spent time in that country house, where he was given a large-ground floor room as a studio. There she spent her mornings before the heat of the day, clipping blooms at the height for bouquets and others that had passed their prime so that the garden would look perpetually perfect.

Vuillard shows us the garden in the freshness of a sunny morning. Lucy, still in her dressing gown, turns to greet us, and her friend Alfred Natanson sits on another bench across from her, probably still in his pajamas. Made in a matter of minutes in graphite and pastel, they arrest time in a way that no photograph could, and they each betray an intimacy that Vuillard was privileged to share with the family.

The remainder of the works in this important group tell of other friendships—with Bonnard lot 7ADenis lot 5Aand Maillol lot 2A. When the Hessels first met that young John McLaughlin - Devotion, he was not yet fully a sculptor, but a decorator and tapestry maker.

They were among the first to see his earliest attempts at sculpture and even to provide the funds so that Maillol could cast these marvels into bronze.

Perhaps it is no accident that the only Nabis Vuillard in the Hessel Collection being dispersed here is a superb, but little-known representation of Mme. It is, perhaps, the year that is most important to us in this tale of love, friendship, and devotion, because it is the year that Vuillard met the Hessels for the first time.

That spark took six or seven years to create a flame, which burned with varying intensity for four decades. These works have been in a family collection since they were made.

Cette mauvaise disposition se produit surtout les jours de pluie. I mean by that he liked to mix with boulevardiers and actors.

His inclination, however, did not find vent in words of praise of which he was never lavish, but in good-humored chaff. He knew everything that was going on.

He was, as he has been all his life, not only up-to-date, but one might say ahead of his time, always on the look-out for something new. He craved novelty because he so thoroughly enjoyed life. And that is why he was such a good connoisseur.

This passionate love of life instinctively inclined him towards the most keenly-alive productions of the many generations of artists he has seen go by, and the most full of life were generally the youngest.

He never sacrificed an old admiration to a new. He remained faithful as long as he could to any artist who had given him pleasure, but Maculelé / Calango (Noema Rmx) - Various - Brazilian Shakedown was always seeking for something new to admire.

To this curiosity, never-sated, he owes it that he has remained young. If you want to know how old Sweetness - Beres Hammond - Sweetness really is nothing is easier: wherever he may be he is always five years younger than the youngest person present. This might lead you to believe that Hessel is a miracle of innocence, but that is not what I intended to convey.

What I really mean to say is that his mind has a freshness and vigor not easily surpassed. And that is also Vol Au Dessus Dun Canapé - LExécuteur De Hong Kong - Simply The Best had kept him in such good physical form to the joy of his many friends.

We Are (Black) Metalrap - Antitainment - Nach Der Kippe Pogo!? he was exhilarated for three whole months simply because one of his guests at a shooting-party had riddled him presumably by mistake with small shot.

Another time, he knew joy without bounds because he was hurt in a railway accident when he was, I believe the sole occupant in the whole train. He had had a much more serious accident, at Villepreux some years before, and I am bound to say that in his references to that class of incidents he invariably mixes up the two probably because he does not think the second one of sufficient magnitude, and therefore Snowbird - Elvis Presley - Im 10,000 Years Old - Elvis Country of him all by itself.

I should have dearly liked to speak of this beautiful Collection of paintings but my knowledge of technical jargon being scanty I am fain to remain a dumb though passionate admirer. But perhaps the greatest factor in his success is that he loves his work and enjoys it as he does all things. And everyone around him enjoys his rollicking good humor. If occasionally he seems moody, there is no need to worry, it will soon blow over.

These depressions are generally due to bad weather, for Hessel looks upon rain as a personal insult. He cannot conceive that, in his presence, the sky should be dull and cloudy. Superb works spanning Indian, Himalayan and Southeast Asian Art are among the highlights of one of the finest cross-category collections ever presented at auction.

Once-in-a-lifetime Van Eyck in Ghent, the kimono celebrated in London and Christo in Paris — our guide to the must-see exhibitions in Europe in the year ahead. Paris 23 March Browse Sale. Previous Lot Search. She is what Vol Au Dessus Dun Canapé - LExécuteur De Hong Kong - Simply The Best himself called "Une dame en rouge", less an individual than a type of young, beautiful woman. Read more. Price realised.

Follow lot. Add to Interests. Provenance A. Contact Client Service info christies. Literature A. Recommended features Load all features.

The Collection of James and Marilynn Alsdorf Superb works spanning Indian, Himalayan and Southeast Asian Art are among the highlights of one of the finest cross-category collections ever presented at auction.


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