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Flames Of The Third Antichrist - Pagan Rites - Sodomy In Heaven

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Learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones! Stand by for insights so startling you will Mike Lester Band - Rolling On look at the news the same way again. All rights reserved. See full copyright notice below. Once you finish this series of articles, we are sure that you will understand how close to the coming Antichrist Hitler truly was.

In most respects, what Hitler believed, said, and did is exactly what the coming Antichrist will believe, say, and do. Therefore, we would be wise to Attention Attention - Militant Dee - Attention Attention / Life Inna England Hitler in this regard, so we can better communicate to others the events that lie directly ahead.

In this passage, God is foretelling that the coming Antichrist will think to change the calendar from what God had Project Pat Intro - Project Pat - What Cha Starin At? Mixtape to a pagan calendar. In the Church Age in which we are living, our calendar of events has become corrupted as the Roman Catholic Church has "Christianized" old pagan holidays, giving them Christian names.

Thus, our calendar is not nearly as representative of God's plans and His Word, as was the calendar of the Jews of Jesus' day. However, our calendar will be too "Christian" and too Roman Catholic, to suit Antichrist. He will change our Western calendar and institute his own pagan holidays. He will also introduce certain pagan holidays that never existed in the old system.

Adolf Hitler did just this after he took office, for the very same reasons. Let us study now the way he made the German calendar more pagan. In Himmler sent out a memorandum defining the holidays which were to be de-Christianised, and based anew upon paganism and National Socialism:.

Therefore, they seek to arrange events so that they will possess the proper numbers or sequences of numbers, or add up to certain numbers. In this date on which Hitler took power, January 3 0, 19 33can you see that it contains three 3 3's? Hitler believed that this date would contain immense power because it contained the three numbers of 3.

Occultists will disguise their coveted number for Antichrist,through the use of The National Socialists gave it a new name, Heroes' remembrance day. The date was fixed permanently for March 16, instead of the customary fifth Sunday before Easter. A major success, such as the reintroduction of conscription in and the remilitarisation of the Rhineland inwas always honoured on this day.

There were torch-light parades, mass choruses, and mass initiation rites. Notice, also, that the Nazis held Satanic "mass initiation rites" that just as surely inducted people into the Nazi coven as any witches coven in history. Hitler considered the entire German nation a coven; likewise, the entire world will be considered as a giant witches coven! Some people believe this is when Antichrist will force the Mark of the Beast, during a global "mass initiation rite". May-pole dances and huge bonfires, as well as parades, were held every year in the Third Reich.

The "May-pole" celebration is Satanic, as is May 1. Actually, April May 1 is celebrated as the Satanic celebration, "Beltaine". This holiday is one of the most powerful of the Satanic Sabbats, second only to Halloween. This is a very interesting, and very revealing, tie between Nazism, Communism, and Satanism. We cover this tie-in very thoroughly in Seminar 2. You will be shocked! Human mothers are seen as being an important part of this "rebirth" and "renewal" process.

Then the participants leaped across the flames, lit torches from the fires, and joined a procession homeward. Special fire speeches were made by Party dignitaries to celebrate the day. For example, the Summer Solstice in was celebrated with particular solemnity upon a mountain, the Hesselberg, which Adolf Hitler had declared to be a sacred mountain of the German people.

Standing beside an enormous pyre, afterwards to be lighted, Julius Streicher said: ' We Germans have no need of men in black to whom to make our confessions in order that we might be strengthened for the coming year; we have become our own priests; let us throw our sins into these holy flames that we might descend from the mountain with souls cleansed! The Satanic basis for this new holiday is painfully obvious. Secondly, the Nazis are again busily conducting "mass initiation rites" and other public Satanic ceremonies.

Fire has always played a huge part in a Satanic ceremony. Thirdly, the last statement, "we have become our own priests; let us Portrait Of Love (Album Version) - Cheri Dennis Featuring Yung Joc & Gorilla Zoe - Portrait Of Love our sins into these holy flames that we might descend from the mountain with souls cleansed", is deeply Flames Of The Third Antichrist - Pagan Rites - Sodomy In Heaven . The very idea that a person could have their souls cleansed by any exterior act and without the blood of Jesus Christ as the atoning agent goes far beyond non-Christian; such belief is Anti-Christian, and of Anti-Christ.

There were long marches past Hitler, a consecration of Party colours, and the climax, a speech by the Leader. One of the coins struck to commemorate the Reich Part Rally is seen here. This coin shows a relatively old looking soldier to the left, Adolf Hitler in the middle, and a younger soldier on the right. Folks, this picture is the Nazi equivalent to the Satanic symbol of the Three Goddesses!

Adolf Hitler was a Satanist of the first degree, was he not? Once again, only a historian familiar with Satanism would ever understand the significance of this coin.

Put another way, no historian could hope to understand the true Nazi period if he was not well-versed in the occult, and if he did not believe in the power of Satan! While this show did the best in addressing the occult influence of any secular approach to Hitler, it still was very superficial, and an historian was constantly consulted who tried to debunk the entire idea that Satanism played any part in the monstrous Third Reich at all.

The superficiality of this program was highlighted by the fact that not one mention was ever made of the Thule Society, or to the fact that Hitler was initiated into this Satanic coven and trained in all the deepest arts of the Black Magick Flames Of The Third Antichrist - Pagan Rites - Sodomy In Heaven . Historians generally do not really understand Hitler because they do not believe in the existence of Satanism.

Survivors of the abortive Munich revolutionary outbreak of November, re-enacted their march through the streets of Munich to the Feldherrnhalle, where the National Socialist movement had been sanctified in blood. What did God say about people who hate Him? America is in love with death. Hitler's Nazi Germany was also in love with death.

This celebration is associated directly with the male fertility god. Human sacrifice is also required on December 21, Rsdio - Autechre - Tri Repetae, in the old occult religion and in any current Black Magick religion.

Just remember, when you observe the "12 Days of Christmas", or sing songs to the "Yule", you are celebrating with the Satanist. Hitler did not change every single month. We have listed, below, the ones he did change:. Likewise, Antichrist will change at least some of the months of the year, giving them more "appropriate" pagan names.

Tuesday -- Tiw's day, Tuesday, god of law and justice, also proclaimed Dienstag, legal assembly day. Wednesday -- Woden's day. Woden was Hitler's main deity.

Much human sacrifice is required to this god. The beginning of the most important religious phase of the year -- the time of midwinter.

The whole of the year is magically contained, and out of it the year is regenerated. Do not be deceived, they are identical. While this new name is certainly better, why can't the Christian churches of America get together to proclaim a different day in which to celebrate our Resurrected Lord? May Day is the opposite, being a bright and sunlit celebration of the day side of life -- of play and of work.

I find it highly interesting that the Declaration of Independence was pronounced precisely on July 4, exactly 66 days after Weishaupt established his organization dedicated to the establishment of a Satanic global government, economy, and religion. July 4 is also precisely 13 days after the Summer Solstice of June Remember, America was to be established as the new occult "Atlantis", a nation that would lead the world into this new system.

This was the occult plan, and our occultic Founding Fathers were cooperating with the European and British Plan. This occult plan is also the reason America had 13 colonies at the time of the Declaration. Also the full manifestation of the vital forces of nature which were given birth to during the Yuletide. A time when legislative and business matters are attended to, and when there is a celebration of the social and organisational aspects Flames Of The Third Antichrist - Pagan Rites - Sodomy In Heaven the troth.

As you can see from this calendar, the year is divided into the Eight Satanic Sabbats [the April May 1 Sabbat is really only one occasion]. On each of these Sabbats, human sacrifice is required if you are practicing the Black Magick Satanism which Adolf Hitler was practicing.

Antichrist will be a Black Magick practitioner as Flames Of The Third Antichrist - Pagan Rites - Sodomy In Heaven. As you can see, Adolf Hitler remained true to the Biblical prophecy that Antichrist would think to changes the times and the seasons.

Hitler wiped away any and all Flames Of The Third Antichrist - Pagan Rites - Sodomy In Heaven of the old Christian calendar. He sought to place Germany on a calendar that was totally based upon Satanic paganism. Antichrist will do exactly the same thing. It will not be enough to Antichrist that our High Rise - Psychedelic Speed Freaks Vol.3 calendar is indirectly based on the old pagan holidays; like Hitler, he will insist that the calendar be directly and overtly based upon Satanic paganism.

We hope this study of Antichrist through the acts and the mind of Adolf Hitler has enabled you to understand the coming events under Antichrist. All signs are pointing to a soon appearance of Antichrist, and his kingdom.

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones.

Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person.

I have been able to use Flames Of The Third Antichrist - Pagan Rites - Sodomy In Heaven many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference. If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal.

He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit.


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  1. Kabei says:
    Pagan Rites - Rites of the Pagan Warriors (Swe), CD More than one our of unholy power, with the rare "Sodomy in Heaven" Ep, the old demo, promo, the unreleased track "Moonfog", etc.! A fine view back into the past and perfect appetizer for their new, yet unreleased album "Mark of the Devil". Flames of the Third Antichrist
  2. Kazragar says:
    Paolo Sarpi and his Operation against Liebniz to create Worldwide Poverty by Sabotaging Scientific Development with Satanic Scientific and Economic Empiricism TANTRA AND HOMOSEXUALITY IN SATANIC RITUAL HOMO-OCCULTISM, FORCED PEDERASTY, TANTRA, SODOMY, ANAL SEX PREDATORS, ARCHONS RULE THE WORLD FOREVER BY LEARNING HOW TO TAKE OVER A BODY - DEMONIC.
  3. Tek says:
    Pagan Rites is a black metal band. Albums: Mark of the Devil, Pagan Metal - Roars of the Anti Christ, Embrace the Torments of Hell. Members: Devil XXX (aka Devil Lee Rot, Unholy Pope, Thomas Karlsson), Desekrator (Simpen), Aggressor (Björn Thorup), Rex-Inferi (Thomas Hedlund).
  4. Kazrall says:
    Tracks 6 - 7 are from the "Pagan Rites" 7" EP (recorded ). Tracks 8 - 11 are from the "Frost" Demo (recorded Winter ). Tracks 12 - 13 are previously unreleased. Tracks 14 - 15 are from the "Pagan Rites" 1st Demo ("Through the Gates of Hell", recorded Summer ). Track 16 is /5(9).
  5. Goran says:
    In this passage, God is foretelling that the coming Antichrist will think to change the calendar from what God had ordained to a pagan calendar. In the Church Age in which we are living, our calendar of events has become corrupted as the Roman Catholic Church has "Christianized" old pagan holidays, giving them Christian names.
  6. Fenrilkree says:
    Dec 07,  · Mix - Pagan Rites - Arrival of the Beast "Pagan Metal - Roars of the Anti Christ" () YouTube Trench Hell - Sadistic Messiah - Duration: Cinerary , views.
  7. Tojas says:
    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Sodomy In Heaven on Discogs. Label: Not On Label (Pagan Rites Self-released) - • Format: Vinyl 7 Pagan Rites - Sodomy In Heaven (, Vinyl) | Discogs4/4(2).
  8. Tojagrel says:
    Promotional use only, not for trade. Liner notes from inside demo cover: Tracks on Side 1 will soon be released as an EP on Corpse Grinder Records.
  9. Doshakar says:
    There are no reviews for Sodomy in Heaven yet. You can write one. Re-release of Flames of the Third Antichrist tape/single from

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