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Cosmic Chaos Part. I - Dshock - Breathings Weak (File, Album)

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Label: TVK Netlabel - TVK19 • Format: 10x, File Album • Country: Brazil • Genre: Electronic • Style: Experimental
Download Cosmic Chaos Part. I - Dshock - Breathings Weak (File, Album)

As a precaution, end-users should read our important psi-hazard page before indulging in the aural pleasures contained on bandcamp. Merci beaucoup! Given our formal concrescence of dynamic instability and our ever emerging interface with the edacious chronophage known as Eshmutaliakyghof, the Great Octarine Sibilinghood of the Z. Penetrate these performances at your own peril as we accept no liability for any alleged symptoms of psycho-somatic disturbance nor claim responsibility for respective claims that our canorous content resulted in the overload of vestibuloocular reflexes.

Our full statement of public trust can get found here. Thank you and enjoy the record. Soothe your inner demons and call to arms your outer warrior with this Orate - Starwar - RRR: Rock Rackaus Raamattu delivered contiguous to ferocity, precision, and undeniable rhythms. It does not fail to bring to life some of our roots while at the same time blending our all too resounding penchant for noise.

All around an EP deserving of your download and safe keeping Album) all our other releases as it remains seated somewhere between our ancient historical revelry for beatstrumental sampling and our neophilic edge with noise and the modulation wheel.

It represents headbobbing screeching at its finest. The micro opus provides listeners who download the entire zip file with a logo image, two sigils one from each collaboratorand a diagram of how the music was formulated via the Gematria of Lament - Jim MorrisonMusic By The Doors - An American Prayer. This is not to be missed.

These two are like symbiotic musical viruses infecting the masses with auditory dysentery. The proper frequencies adjusted to a given oscillating modulator can allow one the chance to summon or dispel specific spirits and with this breakthrough in Z enseider Z technology we offer you our most prolific album to date. It takes a certain amount of sensory ambiance to set Zero Point Gravitation up for actual psychic absorption.

Not everyone will get out of this record what we put into it, but we feel the material stands on solid ground as a magickal tool for the would-be technoshaman. Please proceed with caution when working with summonings and banishings using this Album) exposition.

It is potent aural phenomenality. Waving any rights to conscious deliberation the entire network of ten songs were conjured under the possession of malicious Digital Qlippoth which swarmed the minds of the Z enseider Z memes responsible for the production for this endeavor. Various Digital Qlippoth will remain a mainstay on the Qabalistic circuit for many decades to come as divers study its contents to attempt to overstand what it was that Z enseider Z memes overstood so well about the ins and outs of theomatic mysticism that they could create such a piece of artwork.

She is also related to the Hebrew concept of Tehom, the great deep of the primordial waters. Tiamat and Apsu personify the cosmic abyss filled with primal energies which preceded the original Creation, while Apsu s vizier, Mummu, is A Short Trip - Jonny Drop - Sub Plot to be the archetypal watery form, and his name is sometimes translated as "mold, matrix.

The earth was a continent which floated on a second sea, the freshwater apsu from which all Cosmic Chaos Part. I - Dshock - Breathings Weak (File, including springs, rivers, wells and lakes, flowed on the land.

The sky was a solid disc above the earth, which curved to touch the earth at its rim. The heaven, or the habitation of the gods, was above the sky. The first Mother Goddess was the primordial source of all life, the embodiment of Primal Chaos, the Cosmic Womb which gave birth to all gods and all souls. She held dominion over Album) forces of Creation and she possessed the power to shape destinies, which is symbolic of the supreme authority over the whole universe.

In the Enuma Elish, "when of the gods none had been called into being, and none bore a name, and no destinies were ordained," she was the first force of Creation, the origin of life, the Cosmic Chaos Part.

I - Dshock - Breathings Weak (File of all movement and evolution. However, when she turned against her own children, the younger generation of gods, she also became the force of destruction, the devouring monster, the ever-gaping womb and the mother of abominations. Once a caring and nurturing parent, she turned into a vengeful warrior goddess, the mother of monsters and all evil of the world. As the goddess of primordial waters, Tiamat was often portrayed in a monstrous, bestial form and imagined as a sea serpent or a dragon.

However, not much is known about her appearance from the myth itself. In this sense, she is identified with the sea monsters from other mythologies, such as the biblical Leviathan, Yamm and Lotan from the Hebrew myths or Tannin, the sea demon from the Jewish legends.

Etymologically, her name corresponds to such terms as the Greek word thalassa, "sea," Semitic tehom, "abyss," Akkadian ti'amtum and tamtu, "sea," or Sumerian ti and ama, meaning "life" and "mother. There are also many theories Album) the possible meaning of the myth, in which the primordial state of "mixing of the waters" is interpreted as the meeting of salty and fresh waters in the Persian Gulf; the creation of gods and monsters is thought to refer to the rise of volcanoes and tectonic movements; or the battle of Tiamat and Marduk is viewed as a cosmic catastrophe in which the presently existing planets were created.

Since no unanimous interpretation exists, the myth still leaves a great field for Cosmic Chaos Part. I - Dshock - Breathings Weak (File speculations. Tiamat, above all, is the universal Mother who gives birth to all creation in her womb, the salty waters. This was the original habitation The Wonder Of You (Rehersal, Take 2) - Elvis* - A Legendary Performer (Box Set) the gods before Marduk created the earth and chose Babylon as his residence, while the gods moved to live in the heaven.

Marduk does not possess the natural power of creation - his power is the divine speech, the attribute of all patriarchal gods from worlds religions. In the Enuma Elish, he has to prove that he possesses this power before he is allowed to face Tiamat in the battle.

He is given a garment which he has to destroy and restore by the power of his word before he is entrusted by the gods as their champion. As the Mother of Creation, Tiamat is sometimes identified with the Sumerian goddess, Nammu, the mistress of the primordial sea who gave birth to An and Ki, the heaven and the earth.

They both were thought to personify the constellation in the northern sky known today as "the whale. It is located in the region of the sky known as the Water, along with other watery constellations, such as Aquarius, Pisces or Eridanus. In the myth of Enki and the creation of man, Nammu also called Ninmah is described as "the primeval sea," "the mother who gave birth to all the gods.

You, do bring the limbs into existence But the salty waters of seas and oceans can hardly be considered a Les Yeux Fermés - Various - .Sur Demande.Vol.9 substance.

They do not quench the thirst of living beings and they do not make the crops grow. The waters of Tiamat are dissolving, corroding, poisonous and deadly. Opposed to them are the fresh waters of Apsu, the source of all lakes, rivers, springs and wells, the life-giving waters of the earth. Apsu, abzu, or engur or engurruoriginally part of the cosmic Chaos, was transformed into the source of nourishing waters existing under the ground, as subterranean reservoirs and the veins of the earth.

The name of this principle, as well as the mythology, depends on the tradition. The Akkadian and Assyrian abzu or apsd was the subterranean ocean, but Album) was also the great reservoir of cosmic waters surrounding the earth.

In Sumerian legends, apsu is the kingdom of Enki Ea"the lord of wisdom," but also the abode of sea monsters that are sent after Inanna when she descends to the watery abyss in order to obtain the me's, the divine decrees, which she needs to win the authority over the gods. The watery kingdom is transformed into the house of wisdom after Apsu is slain by his eldest son, but it retains its chaotic and destructive quality, still personified by monsters and abominations of the sea.

Enki's temple in the city of Eridu was believed to be built on apzu and known as "the house Album) cosmic waters. Mesopotamian temples often had pools or watery basins which Cosmic Chaos Part. I - Dshock - Breathings Weak (File the concept of apsu, the subterranean source of water. Bisno commented what was "also interesting is 's comment Album) i once specificaly asked about the sumerian myth of tiamat: "we saw that the enochians had built a weapon named choronzon, and we wanted one of them of our Album), so we built something like that" Follow Z enseider Z kNewzLog on WordPress.

Create a Album) or blog at WordPress. Z enseider Z kNewzLog Here we are again for the first time at last with all the shit what's fit to spit. Mortuary Rituals Posted in AnnouncementsLinkedMusick with tags Albumsself-promotion on by eianorange During the production of this release we sought to shake some asses with pulse pounding beats while at the same time we wished to continue to molest your inner child as we always do with ambient noise.

Sincerely, your friends at Temple Zelathune Zionisk. Nothing has Being Everything has Value. La Poesía Es Un Arma Cargada De Futuro - Paco Ibañez - Paco Ibañez En El Olympia Point Gravitation Posted in AnnouncementsMusic with tags AlbumsAudioccultismDAWFrequency ModulationHoly DazeMusick on by eianorange What can be accomplished with the digital medium as far the manipulation of otherworldly entities is quite remarkable.

Various Digital Qlippoth Posted in AnnouncementsMusic with tags Albumsqabala on by eianorange Capturing the essential ethereal cluster of each Numerical Egregore within the Gematria of Nothing was the task at hand for this concept album. What the Fuck are the Z enseider Z?!?!? Z enseider Z Unions eianorange. Search for:. Bisno commented what was "also interesting is 's comment when i once specificaly asked about the sumerian myth of tiamat: "we saw that the enochians had built a weapon named choronzon, and we wanted one of them of our own, so we built something like that".

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