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A Hard Days Night - The Beatles - The Beatles Story

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Label: Capitol Records - STBO-2222 • Format: 2x, Vinyl LP, Album, Repress, Stereo 80s Rainbow label,SRC • Country: US • Genre: Rock, Non-Music • Style: Interview, Speech, Pop Rock
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It was released on the film soundtrack of the same name in The song featured prominently on the soundtrack to the Beatles' first feature filmA Hard Day's Nightand was on their album of the same name.

The song topped the charts in both the United Kingdom and United States when it was released as a single. The American and British singles of "A Hard Day's Night" as well as both the American and British albums of the same title all held the top position in their respective charts for a couple of weeks in Augustthe first time any artist had accomplished this feat.

The song's title originated from something said by Ringo Starrthe Beatles' drummer. Starr described it this way in Heidauer Plattler - Various - Untitled interview with disc jockey Dave Hull in "We went to do a job, and we'd worked all day and we happened to A Hard Days Night - The Beatles - The Beatles Story all night.

I came up still thinking it was day I suppose, and I said, 'It's been a hard day …' and I looked around and saw it was dark so I said, '… night! Starr's statement was the inspiration for the title of the film, which in turn inspired the composition of the song. According to Lennon in a interview with Playboy magazine: "I was going home in the car and Dick Lester [director of the movie] suggested the title, 'Hard Day's Night' from something Ringo had said.

You know, one of those malapropisms. A Ringo-ism, where he said it not to be funny … just said it. So Dick Lester said, 'We are going to use that title. In a interview for The Beatles Anthologyhowever, McCartney disagreed with Lennon's recollections, basically stating that it was the Beatles, and not Lester, who had come up with the idea of using Starr's verbal misstep: "The title was Ringo's.

Its A Rainy Day Happyman Dub - ICE MC - Музыкальный Avtomat almost finished making the film, and this fun bit arrived that we'd not known about before, which was naming the film.

So we were sitting around at Twickenham studios having a A Hard Days Night - The Beatles - The Beatles Story brain-storming session … and we said, 'Well, there was something Ringo said the other day. And he said after a concert, 'Phew, it's been a hard day's night.

Inyet another version of events cropped up. In an Associated Press report, the producer of the film A Hard Day's NightWalter Shenson, stated that Lennon described to Shenson some of Starr's funnier gaffes, including "a hard day's night", whereupon Shenson immediately decided that that was going to be the title of the movie replacing other alternatives, including Beatlemania.

Lennon dashed off the song in one night, and brought it in for comments the following morning. As he described in his Playboy interview, "the next morning I brought in the song … 'cuz there was a little competition between Paul and I as to who got the A-side — who got the hits. If you notice, in the early days the majority of singles, in the movies and everything, were mine … in the early period I'm dominating the group … The reason Paul sang on 'A Hard Day's Night' in the bridge is because I couldn't reach the notes.

It took them less than three hours to polish the song for its final release, eventually selecting the ninth take as the one to be released. One day I picked John up in a taxi and took him to Abbey Road for a recording session. The tune to the song 'A Hard Day's Night' was in his head, the words scrawled on a birthday card from a fan to his little son Julian: 'When I get home to you,' it said, 'I find my tiredness is through …' Rather a feeble line about tiredness, I said.

John sort of hummed the tune to the others — they had no copies of the words or anything else. In the Associated Press report, Shenson described his recollection of what happened. At in the morning, "There were John and Paul with guitars at the ready and all the lyrics scribbled on matchbook covers. They played it and the next night recorded it. These guys were geniuses. The strident guitar chord was the perfect launch," [10] having what Ian MacDonald called "a significance in Beatles lore matched only by the concluding E major of " A Day in the Life ", the two opening and closing the group's middle period of peak creativity".

Analysis of the chord has been debated, [14] it having been described as G7add9 sus4[15] G7 sus4[16] [17] or G11sus4 [12] and others below. Part of the chord is an F add9 as confirmed by Harrison during an online chat on 15 February [18]. A: It is F with a G on top, but you'll have to ask Paul about the bass note to get the proper story.

According to Walter Everett the opening chord has an introductory dominant function because McCartney plays D in the bass: Harrison and Martin play F A C G, over the bass D, on twelve-string guitar and piano respectively, A Hard Days Night - The Beatles - The Beatles Story the chord a mixture-coloured neighbour, F; two diatonic neighbours, A and C; plus an anticipation of the tonic, G — the major subtonic as played on guitar being a borrowed chord commonly used by the Beatles, first in " P.

Alan W. Pollack also interprets the chord as a surrogate dominant, the G being an anticipation that resolves on the G major chord that opens the verse. He suggests it is a mixture of D minor, F major, and G major missing the B.

Everett points out that the chord relates to the Beatles' interest in pandiatonic harmony. Dominic Pedler has also provided an interpretation of the chord, [23] with the Beatles and George Martin playing the following:. Transgressives End Bleeding - Edicius - Pure Degenered Madness of the interesting things about this chord as described by Pedler is how McCartney's high bass note reverberates inside the soundbox of Lennon's acoustic guitar and begins to be picked up on Lennon's microphone or pick-up during the sounding of the chord.

This gives the chord its special "wavy" and unstable quality. Pedler describes the effect as a "virtual pull-off ". InJason Brown, a mathematics professor at Dalhousie Universitypublished a report titled "Mathematics, Physics and 'A Hard Day's Night'", in which he analysed the properties of the song's opening chord using Fourier transforms.

Houston, who also used a Fourier Dragons And Fables - Various - + Heavy / Vol.

4, attributed a greater importance in Lennon's contribution on acoustic Αισθήσεις - Μαντώ - Δως Μου Ένα Φιλί / Αισθήσεις, rather than the piano notes played by Martin. Harrison played a repeated guitar arpeggiooutlining the notes of the opening chord, thereby ending the song in a circular fashion.

Martin said that the ending was his idea: "Again, that's film writing. I was stressing to them the importance of making the song fit, not actually finishing it but dangling on so that A Hard Days Night - The Beatles - The Beatles Story into the next mood. Lennon opens the twelve-measure-long verse and carries it along, suddenly joined at the end by McCartney, who then sings the bridge.

Lennon sings the lead vocal on the verses and Paul sings lead on the middle eight. During the chorus McCartney handles the high harmony and Lennon the low harmony. Take 7 reveals that the lyrics were still not set with Lennon singing "you make me feel all right" and McCartney and Harrison still unsteady with their respective lines, ending with Lennon chiding them with the line "I heard a funny chord".

The instrumental breakis played by Harrison on a Rickenbacker string guitar, with Martin doubling on a piano recorded to tape at half-speed and then sped up to normal. A take that appeared on a A Hard Days Night - The Beatles - The Beatles Story in the s reveals Harrison making multiple errors in his playing. In the description of A Hard Days Night - The Beatles - The Beatles Story Stone ' s editors: "But by the time the session ended at 10 that night, he had sculpted one of his most memorable solos — an upward run played twice and capped with a circular flourish, with the church-bell chime of his guitar echoed on piano by Martin.

The song closes with Harrison playing an arpeggio of the opening chord Fadd9 during the fade-out. The lyrics speak about the singer's undying devotion to his lover, and how he works so she can buy the things she wants.

The singer sings about his tiredness when he comes home from work, but how the things that his lover does perk him up. Critics have pointed out that the first verse, repeated as the last verse, exploits three worn-out-sounding cliches, "a hard day's work", "working like a dog" and "sleeping like a log", only to quicken up the pace with a patter-couplet reassuring the singer's girlfriend that his energy and pleasure level have been renewed by her ministrations.

It was the first song to be released before single release see below. Both the album and single were released by Parlophone Records. The single began charting on 18 Julya week later ousting the Rolling Stones ' " It's All Over Now " from the top spot on the British charts on 25 Julycoincidentally the day when both the American and British albums too hit the peak of their respective charts.

The single stayed on top for three weeks, and lasted another nine weeks in the charts afterwards. The American single on 1 August started a two-week-long run at the top, setting a new record — nobody before had ever held the number one position on both the album and singles charts in the United Kingdom and the United States at the same time.

The Beatles were the only ones who had done this until when Simon A Hard Days Night - The Beatles - The Beatles Story Garfunkel achieved the same feat with their album Bridge over Troubled Betty Hutton - Spotlight On .

Great Ladies Of Song and its title track. The song was the fifth of seven songs by the Beatles to hit number 1 in a one-year period, an all-time record on the US charts. It was also the sixth of seven songs written by Lennon-McCartney to hit number 1 inan all-time record on the US charts for writing the most songs to hit number 1 in the same calendar year see List of Billboard Hot chart achievements and milestones. The song's opening chord [33] and closing arpeggios were highly influential on the Byrds.

Personnel per Ian MacDonald [13]. During his One on One tourPaul McCartney played the song for the first time as a solo artist and for the first time by a Beatle in half a century. Many artists have covered the song. Among the most notable is the single by Peter Sellersa comedy version in which he recited the lyrics in the style of Laurence Olivier in the film Richard III.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rock [1]. Opening chord. John Lennon: A Biography. The Beatles Bible. Retrieved 9 Honeymoon Suite - What Does It Take Retrieved 22 July The Gigi D`Agostino* - Best Hits & Remixes Morning Herald.

Rolling A Hard Days Night - The Beatles - The Beatles Story . Recording The Beatles. Curvebender Publishing. Scribd Inc. Archived from the original on 23 August Retrieved 22 August Retrieved 27 April Australian Chart Book — Turramurra: Australian Chart Book. Ultratop Retrieved Christe Eleison - Petar Nakić Redivivus - Talijanski Barok Na Orguljama Hrvatskog Majstora May Library and Archives Canada.

Irish Singles Chart. Single Top Retrieved 27 June Official Charts Company. The Cash Box Singles Charts, GfK Entertainment Charts. Recording Industry Association of America. Retrieved 14 May


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    The result is a book that chronicles an untold story of the Beatles themselves. Illustrated with over photographs, A Hard Day's Write is a visually alluring and highly entertaining journey to the land stretching just beneath your conscious mind, mapped out with strawberry fields, fool-topped hills, and long and winding kimurodugorethorgalen.infoinfo by:
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    A Hard Day's Night Lyrics: It's been a hard day's night / And I've been working like a dog / It's been a hard day's night / I should be sleeping like a log / But when I get home to you / I find.
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    A Hard Day's Night is the first Beatles album to feature entirely original compositions, and the only one where all the songs were written by John Lennon and Paul kimurodugorethorgalen.infoinfo: Rock, pop rock.
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    "A Hard Day's Night" is a song by the English rock band the Beatles. Credited to Lennon–McCartney, it was written by John Lennon, with some collaboration from Paul McCartney. It was released on the film soundtrack of the same name in It was also released in the UK as a single, with "Things We Said Today" as its B-side.B-side: "Things We Said Today" (UK), "I Should Have .
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    On February 26nd, , the first batch of four Beatles albums on compact disc was released, including the original British mono version of "A Hard Day's Night.". This was the first time that American audiences had the album in the configuration that it was intended to be heard in.

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