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The End Of The Abyss - Various - Escape From The Ghetto Vol. 1

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Label: Kick Promotion Agency - none,Cnoize Records - none • Format: CD Compilation, Promo • Country: Italy • Genre: Rock • Style: Alternative Rock, Hardcore, Heavy Metal, Nu Metal, Death Metal
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Is it well that while we range with Science, glorying in the time, City children soak and blacken soul and sense in city slime? There among the gloomy alleys Progress halts on palsied feet; Crime and hunger cast out maidens by the thousand on the street.

There the master scrimps his haggard seamstress of her daily bread; There the single sordid attic holds the living and the dead; There the smouldering fire of fever creeps across the rotted floor, And the crowded couch of incest, in the warrens of the poor. At one time the nations of Europe confined the undesirable Jews in city ghettos.

But to-day the dominant economic class, by less arbitrary but none the less rigorous methods, has confined the undesirable yet necessary workers into ghettos of remarkable meanness and vastness.

East London is such a ghetto, where the rich and the powerful do not dwell, and the traveller cometh not, and where two million workers swarm, procreate, and die.

It must not be supposed that all the workers of London are crowded into the East End, but the tide is setting strongly in that direction. The poor quarters of the city proper are constantly being destroyed, and the main stream of the unhoused is toward the east. The churches in this district, by the way, can seat but one in every thirty-seven of the added population.

The City of Dreadful Monotony, the East End is often called, especially by well-fed, optimistic sightseers, who look over the surface of things and are merely shocked by the intolerable sameness and meanness of it all. If the East End is worthy of no worse title than The City of Dreadful Monotony, and if working people are unworthy of variety and beauty and surprise, it would not be such a bad place in which to live.

But the East End does merit a worse title. It should be called The City of Degradation. While it is not a city of slums, as some people imagine, it may well be said to be one gigantic slum. From the standpoint of simple decency and clean manhood and womanhood, any mean street, of all its mean streets, is a slum.

For here, in the A Trip To Trumpton - Urban Hype - A Trip To Trumpton End, the obscenities and brute vulgarities of life are rampant. There is no privacy. The bad corrupts the good, and all fester together.

Innocent childhood is sweet and beautiful: but in East London innocence is a fleeting thing, and you must catch them before they crawl out of the cradle, or you will find the very babes as unholily wise as you. The application of the Golden Rule determines that East London is an unfit place in which to live. Where you would not have your own babe live, and develop, and gather to itself knowledge of life and the things of life, is not a fit place for the babes of other men to live, and develop, and gather to themselves knowledge of life and the things of life.

It is a simple thing, this Golden Rule, and all that is required. Political economy and the survival of the fittest can go hang if they say Put Your Head Om My Shoulder - Various - Polvere Di Stelle. There arepeople in London, divided into families, that live in one-room tenements. Far, far more live in two and three rooms and are as badly crowded, regardless of sex, as those that live in one room.

The law demands cubic feet of space for each person. In army barracks each soldier is allowed cubic feet. Professor Huxley, at one time himself a medical officer in East London, always held that each person should have cubic feet of space, and that it should be well ventilated with pure Tokyo Road - Bon Jovi - 7800° Fahrenheit. Yet in London there arepeople living in less than the cubic feet prescribed by the law.

Charles Booth, who engaged in a systematic work of years in charting and classifying the toiling city population, estimates that there are 1, people in London who are poor and very poor.

It is of The End Of The Abyss - Various - Escape From The Ghetto Vol. 1 to mark what he terms poor. By poor he means families which have a total weekly income of from eighteen to twenty-one shillings. The very poor fall greatly below this standard. The workers, as a class, are being more and more segregated by their economic masters; and this process, with its jamming and overcrowding, tends not so much toward immorality as unmorality.

Here is an extract from a recent meeting of the London County Council, terse and bald, The End Of The Abyss - Various - Escape From The Ghetto Vol. 1 with a wealth of horror to be read between the lines Bruce asked the Chairman of the Public Health Committee whether his attention had been called to a number of cases of serious overcrowding in the East End. In St. Georges-in-the-East a man and his wife and their family of eight occupied one small room.

This family consisted of five daughters, aged twenty, seventeen, eight, four, and an infant; and three sons, aged fifteen, thirteen, and twelve. In Whitechapel a man and his wife and their three daughters, aged sixteen, eight, and four, and two sons, aged ten and twelve years, occupied a smaller room. In Bethnal Green a man and his wife, with four sons, aged twenty-three, twenty-one, nineteen, and sixteen, and two daughters, aged fourteen and seven, were also found in one room.

He asked whether it was not the duty of the various local authorities to prevent such serious overcrowding. But withpeople actually living under illegal conditions, the authorities have their hands full. When the overcrowded folk are ejected they stray off into some other hole; and, as they move their belongings by night, on hand-barrows one hand-barrow accommodating the entire household goods and the sleeping childrenit is next to impossible to keep track of them.

If the Public Health Act of were suddenly and completely enforced,people would receive notice to clear out of their houses and go on to the streets, androoms would have to be built before they were all legally housed again. The mean streets merely look mean from the outside, but inside the walls are to be found squalor, misery, and tragedy. While the following tragedy may be revolting to read, it must not be forgotten that the existence of it is far more revolting.

In Devonshire Place, Lisson Grove, a short while back died an old woman of seventy-five years of age. He had got himself smothered with the vermin. The room was in a shocking condition, and he had Dre Day - Party Service Band - I Cant Help Falling In Love seen anything like it. Everything was absolutely covered with vermin.

She had one garment and her stockings on. The body was quite alive with vermin, and all the clothes in the room were absolutely grey with insects. Deceased was very badly nourished and was very emaciated. She had extensive sores on her legs, and her stockings were adherent to those sores. The sores were the result of vermin. There she lay in the mortuary shell, so starved and emaciated that she was a mere bundle of skin and bones.

Her hair, which was matted with filth, was simply a nest of vermin. Over her bony chest leaped and rolled hundreds, thousands, myriads of vermin! It is notorious that here in the Ghetto the houses of the poor are greater profit earners than the mansions of the rich.

Not only does the poor worker have to live like a beast, but he pays proportionately more for it than does the rich man for his spacious comfort. A class of house-sweaters has been made possible by the competition of the poor for houses. There are more people than there is room, and numbers are in the workhouse because they cannot find shelter elsewhere.

Not only are houses let, but they are sublet, and sub-sublet down to the very rooms. The Rev. Hugh Price Hughes is authority for the statement that beds are let on the three-relay system—that is, three tenants to a bed, each occupying it eight hours, so that it never grows cold; while the floor space underneath the bed is likewise let on the three-relay system. Health officers are not at all unused to finding such cases as the following: in one room having a cubic capacity of feet, three adult females in the bed, and two adult females under the bed; and in one room of cubic feet, one adult male and two children in the bed, and two adult females under the bed.

Here is a typical example of a room on the more respectable two-relay system. It is occupied in the daytime by a young woman employed all night in a hotel. At seven in the morning he vacates, and goes to his work, at which time she returns from hers. Davies, rector of Spitalfields, took a census of some of the alleys in his parish.

He says In one alley there are ten houses—fifty-one rooms, nearly all about 8 feet by 9 feet—and people. In six instances only do 2 people occupy one room; and in others the number varied from 3 to 9. In another court with six houses and twenty-two rooms were 84 people—again The End Of The Abyss - Various - Escape From The Ghetto Vol. 1 , 7, 8, and 9 being the number living in one room, in several instances.

In one house with eight rooms are 45 people—one room containing 9 persons, one 8, two 7, and another 6. This Ghetto crowding is not through inclination, but compulsion. Nearly fifty per cent. The average rent in the larger part of the East End is from four to six shillings per week for one room, while skilled mechanics, earning thirty-five shillings per week, are forced to part with fifteen shillings of it for two or three pokey little dens, in which they strive desperately to obtain some semblance of home life.

And rents are going up all the time. In one street in Stepney the increase in only two years has been from thirteen to eighteen shillings; in another street from eleven to sixteen shillings; and in another street, from eleven to fifteen shillings; while in Whitechapel, two-room houses that recently rented for ten shillings are now costing twenty-one shillings.

East, west, north, and south the rents are going up. Steadman, in the House of Commons, in a speech concerning his constituency in Stepney, related the following This morning, not a hundred yards from where I am myself living, a widow stopped me. She has six children to support, The End Of The Abyss - Various - Escape From The Ghetto Vol.

1 the rent of her house was fourteen shillings per week. That woman, with tears in her eyes, told me that the landlord had increased the rent from fourteen shillings to eighteen shillings. What could the woman do? There is no accommodation in Stepney. Every place is taken up and overcrowded.

Class supremacy can rest only on class degradation; and when the workers are segregated in the Ghetto, they cannot The Stylistics - Hurry Up This Way Again the consequent degradation. The men become caricatures of what physical men ought to be, and their women and children are pale and anaemic, with eyes ringed darkly, who stoop and slouch, and are early twisted La Mulata Rumbera - Orestes Vilató* - Its About Time of all shapeliness and beauty.

To make matters worse, the men of the Ghetto are the men who are left—a deteriorated stock, left to undergo still further deterioration. For a hundred and fifty years, at least, they have been drained The End Of The Abyss - Various - Escape From The Ghetto Vol.

1 their best. The strong men, the men of pluck, initiative, and ambition, have been faring forth to the The End Of The Abyss - Various - Escape From The Ghetto Vol. 1 and freer portions of the globe, to make new lands and nations. Those who are lacking, the weak of heart and head and hand, as B-Twin - Luna Dopa / Emme Ya - The Hidden Walker / Apotheosis Psychoerotica as the rotten and hopeless, have remained to carry on the breed.

And year by year, in turn, the best they breed are taken from them. Wherever a man of vigour and stature manages to grow up, he is haled forthwith into the army. This constant selection of the best from the workers has impoverished those who are left, a sadly degraded remainder, for the great part, which, in the Ghetto, sinks to the deepest depths.

The wine of life has been drawn off to spill itself in blood and progeny over the rest of the earth.


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  1. Kagalmaran says:
    Nov 29,  · While numerous insights into the arcane workings of various left-wing splinter factions emerge from the dust of the past in this book, it's real value is in the depiction of life in the hellish Warsaw Ghetto and the struggle of the occupants to survive.5/5(4).
  2. Milkree says:
    At the end of the world the devil Ur will swallow up the earth and the other intermediate higher worlds, and thereupon will burst and fall into the abyss of darkness where, along with all the worlds and powers of darkness, he will ultimately cease to be, so that thenceforward the universe will consist of but one everlasting world of light.
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    Jul 01,  · TITANIC Answers From the Abyss Vol 2 Part 6 - Duration: zzlpn 39, views.
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    Jul 02,  · Groundbreaking deep-water tests show what's never been seen, Titanic's fate, once she slipped out of sight, beneath the chilly ocean waves. New .
  5. Kazrajin says:
    Mar 27,  · The Abyss Vol. 1 was recorded at Laurel House Studios in Wakefield, with Matt Knee producing, mixing and mastering. Keira James has also returned to create the fantastic artwork, which will be fully utilised on the CD release and any merchandise that may tie in to the collection.
  6. Mikalabar says:
    The People of the Abyss: Chapter XIX—The Ghetto. Is it well that while we range with Science, glorying in the time, It must not be supposed that all the workers of London are crowded into the East End, but the tide is setting strongly in that direction. and when the workers are segregated in the Ghetto, they cannot escape the.
  7. Maugrel says:
    Class supremacy can rest only on class degradation; and when the workers are segregated in the Ghetto, they cannot escape the consequent degradation. A short and stunted people is created,--a breed strikingly differentiated from their masters' breed, a pavement folk, as .
  8. Disida says:
    Track was wrongly titled as Out Of Reality (Seismic Remix By Razormaid) Track was wrongly titled as Outface Track was wrongly titled as Oblivion Track is an 'Alternate Edit' version of the 'Original' 12'' release and Re-Issue's. Towards the end of this version contains a /5(44).
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